Front Entrance Project

  • Description: The Otsego County "Front Entrance" Project involves the development of a lobby area where customers will be queued. Currently, the County Building has no waiting area or public seating in the building; the public enters and proceeds to the desired department. This results in the potential for several members of the public and county employees to be in the same office area without adequate space to social distance or perform health screening.

    The proposed project would develop already existing space near the front entrance to the County Building into a lobby. In order to prevent the crowding of the public into specific offices, a digital kiosk system will be installed in the lobby. Miscellaneous concrete work and landscaping near the front entrance is also planned as the result of the alterations to the front doors, and also to allow the public to wait outside if needed if the newly constructed lobby area is full. Also part of this project is the installation of a service window to the County Treasurers office, as the current layout does not allow for any social distancing while performing needed service. This service window would be installed through the wall of the existing Treasurer's Office.
  • Plans and Renderings:
    • Plans
  • Funding Sources: MEDC CDBG CARES ACT Funding: $97,500
  • Newspaper Articles: N/A
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