Recycling Information

For information on Otsego County's Drop-off Recycling Program, call the Otsego Conservation District at 989-732-4021.

Otsego County is contracted with GFL Environmental to provide the hauling and processing of recyclable materials. Otsego's drop-off program is single-stream, matching GFL Environmental's  program. View the Otsego County Recycling Brochure to learn more about Otsego County's program.

Recycle Around the Home

A Guide to Recycling Around the Home Looking to reduce your waste even further? Tired of watching your flower beds wilt in sandy, droughty soil? Come learn how to compost your food scraps and yard trimmings in your own backyard! The Otsego Conservation District maintains a home compost demonstration site where you can learn about compost bins and how to make compost quick!