Recording Requirements

  • Signatures must be original and names must be typed, stamped or printed beneath all written signatures. MCLA 565.201(a)(e)
  • No discrepancy in the names shall exist between the printed names of such person, as appears either in the body of the instrument, the signature, the acknowledgment or jurat. MCLA 565.201(b)
  • Instruments conveying or mortgaging any interest in real estate shall state the marital status of any male grantors. MCLA 565.221
  • The addresses of all parties must appear on any instrument by which title to any interest therein is conveyed, assigned, encumbered or otherwise disposed of. MCLA 565.201(a)(f)
  • The name and address of the person who drafted the document must appear on the documents executed in Michigan. MCLA 565.201a
  • Documents purporting to convey or encumber real estate executed in the State of Michigan before March 4, 2002, must contain two witness signatures and an acknowledgement by a notary public. After March 4, 2002, documents executed in Michigan need only contain an acknowledgment by a notary public. MCLA 565.8
  • Survivor deed or survivor mortgage shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate, or shall show by Liber and Page reference that the death certificate has been recorded in the Register of Deeds office. MCLA 565.48
  • Court orders must be certified and sealed by the clerk of the court to be eligible for recording, unless otherwise ordered by the court. MCLA 565.401, 565.411
  • Documents executed in the State of Michigan after April 1, 1997, must have a 2 1/2 inch top margin and all other margins are 1/2 inch. Exemptions to this include certified documents, surveys and land corners
  • The Definition of a Page: One side of a single sheet of paper not larger than 8.5 by 14 inches with print not smaller than 10 point type, which shall be legible and on paper of not less than 20 (17 by 22-500) pound weight. MCLA 565.201(g)
  • Documents must display on the first line of print on the first page, a single statement identifying the recordable event that the instrument evidences. MCLA 565.201 Sec. 1 (f)(ii); 565.201 Sec. 3


  • Blanket assignments are accepted. Blanket releases are accepted.
  • Assignment and Discharge Fees: For any document which assigns or discharges more than one instrument:$3 shall be added to the recording fee for each additional instrument so assigned or discharged.
  • Please be advised that the Register of Deeds requires a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for the return of all recorded documents.
  • Documents that do not meet the requirements, including documents with more than one title, will be rejected.
  • Common document errors include incorrect fee, missing individual drafter name, names not typed beneath signatures, marital status of male grantor/ mortgagor not disclosed, and notarial certificate incomplete.