Gun Registration

Firearm ownership carries with it a great responsibility. You must take the appropriate measures to safeguard your welfare, as well as the welfare of others, when handling a firearm. Accident prevention is the user's responsibility.

There is a $5 notary fee to obtain a Handgun Purchase Permit.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm.

Receiving a Handgun From an Estate

If you obtained a handgun from the estate of a deceased family member, you will need to bring it into the Sheriff Department (Unloaded and in a locked case), along with a copy of the death certificate. In most cases, if you meet all qualifications, the gun may be re-registered and put into your name.

Moving from Out of State

Further, if you have moved to this area from out of the state, you must bring your handgun into the Sheriff Department (unloaded and in a locked case), and have it re-registered in the State of Michigan.

Driving with a Pistol

A Concealed Pistol License is generally required for transporting a pistol, loaded or unloaded in a motor vehicle or on your person.

Without a Concealed Pistol License, you are limited to transporting your pistol, unloaded, in a locked container, in the trunk of a vehicle only under the following circumstances:

  • En route to or from a hunting or target shooting area, provided that you are in possession of a valid Michigan Hunting License or a member of an organization that has target shooting range facilities.
  • Transportation from the place of purchase to your home, place of business or place of repair.
  • In moving goods from one place of residence or business to another place of residence or business.
  • To your local police agency, within 10 days of purchase, to obtain a Safety Inspection Certificate (Registration).

If your vehicle does not have a trunk, the pistol may be transported in the passenger compartment for the above purposes, (1 - 4), provided that it is unloaded, in a locked case and not readily accessible to the occupants of the vehicle.

Please note: Full-time Peace Officers with arrest powers are not required to obtain a Concealed Pistol License.


When hunting with a pistol, the pistol must be carried in a holster or belt in plain view, on the outside of your clothing, unless you have a Concealed Pistol License.