Handgun Purchase Permit

  1. If you are buying a pistol from a Federally Licensed Retail Firearm Dealer, you may go directly to the store to purchase it. You do not need to get a Purchase Permit from the Sheriff's Office. If you are buying a pistol from a private individual, you must first come into the Sheriff's Office and obtain a Purchase Permit.
  2. Again, you will have to show a valid picture ID.
  3. You will be required to fill out a Handgun Purchase Permit Application.
  4. We will do a background check to verify that you meet all the qualifications.
  5. Once you have been approved, you will be issued a Purchase Permit. You will have 30 days from that date to obtain your handgun. You will then have ten days from the date you purchased your handgun to register it. If you do not use the Purchase Permit, you must return it to the Sheriff's Office, so we can cancel it.