Structure / Funding

  1. Budget Process
  2. Division Work Assignments
  3. Michigan’s “One Court of Justice”
  4. Organizational Structure

The Otsego County Judicial System is funded from a variety of sources. For general court operations, a unified general fund court budget is approved for revenues and expenditures of the courts. In matters dealing with juvenile justice, a separate Child Care Fund Budget is approved. For account monitoring purposes, a separate Friend of the Court budget is approved since some expenses are reimbursed (approximately 66%) by the State of Michigan based on a formula measuring child support collections state-wide.

Other budgets encompass expenses for jury boards, law libraries, and various grants the court receives to run a Drug Court. All revenues collected by the Trial Court are deposited with the County Treasurer. Revenues from the court are generated through various fees assessed for clerical filings, criminal or traffic judgments, and reimbursements from the State or from various grants. The State pays the salary of the judges. Court staff is classified on an employee classification system established by the State Court Administrative Office. Depending on the staff position and funding source, some salaries and benefits are reimbursed back to the funding unit.