Virtual Court Access

Judicial System SealWelcome to the Otsego County 87-A District, Family and Probate Court Virtual Courtroom Portal. The links below are provided for easy access to join a courtroom as a party or to view a live stream hearing as a member of the public.

Before your hearing, please test your connection to the virtual courtroom. Watch the How Do I Test My Video for directions to test the connection with your device.

How to Access the Virtual Courtroom

  • You will receive an invitation prior to the hearing with instructions.
  • Hearings are live-streamed via YouTube, as needed.
  • Be sure to use the following protocol:
    • If you are using a desktop computer be sure to have your speakers on. If you do not have a microphone, you will need to call with your phone and continue to login to Zoom on your desktop.
    • When using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, please locate your settings for the microphone and camera to make sure settings are on.
    • Call the court from a private/quiet room.
    • Do not have radios or televisions on during the call.
    • Do not use the speakerphone option on your phone.
    • If possible, mute your phone until you are ready to speak.
    • The Judge will instruct the parties on the phone when the case begins and when to begin speaking.
    • If you are logging in from your smart device, computer, tablet or laptop, please enter the case number and your name under "Join with a personal link name"
      • Example for litigant: 20-001234-GC John Doe
      • Example for attorney: P12345 - Lawrence Preston

On the Hearing Date

Parties to a case must participate in the hearing using Zoom. Enter the courtroom by one of the following options:

Honorable Michael K Cooper - District & Probate Court Chief Judge

  • Option 1:
    Go to Zoom and enter the meeting ID from your notice.
  • Option 2:
    Enter the courtroom by phone: Call 646-876-9923 or 669-900-6833 and connect using meeting ID 635-298-4592

Once you have successfully entered the courtroom, you will be placed in the waiting room until court staff gives you access to the hearing.

Live Stream from Courtroom 101

If you are not a party to a case, hearings may be live-streamed via YouTube.

Zoom Instructions

Not familiar with Zoom? Watch this video for information on how to use Zoom.