Services & Qualifications

Interest Rates

 0% interest with payments, maximum mortgage of 25 years. Payments are determined by the amount of repairs to a dwelling.

Emergency Repairs

If a water well, septic system, or furnace (furnace in cold conditions) should stop working and need to be replaced.


Contact the housing office at 989-731-7570. Questions will be asked to see if you qualify.


The Housing Inspector will inspect your entire dwelling that pertains to Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (minimal code requirements) and local codes. Specifications are written for bid and reviewed by the Committee and applicant.


Contractors that are registered in the housing office and/or contractors that you prefer, that are licensed and insured by the State of Michigan.

Other Housing Resources

Our office has a Housing Resource Brochure (PDF) that directs you to local organizations and businesses that offer: Subsidized Rentals, Real Estate Offices, Banks and Lenders, Financial Assistance, Dispute Resources, and educational information.