State of Michigan Remonumentation Program

The Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation is responsible for the administration of the Survey and Remonumentation Act, 1990 PA 345. For the first time since the original government surveyors established and monumented these initial corner positions in Michigan, a concerted effort has been made to identify and remark these historic markers. All land ownership in Michigan, both public and private, was originally determined from these public land survey corners which are required to be publicly recorded (see Corner Recordation Act, 1970 PA 74). 


Beginning in 2018, a county’s eligibility for the 40% of their State Grant Amount shall be made only upon submittal of that county’s previous year Completion Report and all required documentation to the State Grant Administrator.

  1. Marlene K. Hopp

    Grant Administrator

  2. Ronald C. Brand, P.S.