What are the rights of a juvenile in the legal justice system?

In general court proceedings, the juvenile has the following rights:

  • Right to an attorney-The juvenile must be offered an opportunity to have an attorney. If the juvenile desire legal counsel and cannot afford it, he/she is entitled to an attorney appointed by the court.
  • Preliminary hearing within 24 hours-The Juvenile Code requires a preliminary hearing be no later than 24 hours after admission to determine whether a petition will be issued and whether the juvenile will be held in custody pending a trial. If the juvenile is held in custody, a hearing is held within 24 hours.
  • Notified or Allegations-The juvenile must be told why she/he is being held.
  • Right to hearing by judge-The juvenile is entitled to a hearing before a judge and the right to ask for a review of the referee's recommendations.
  • The juvenile's parent must be told what costs or reimbursement of costs they may be responsible for.

What about rights in delinquency proceedings?

In delinquency proceedings, the juvenile is entitled to:

  • Be allowed a chance to deny or defend against the charges
  • Be informed of self-incrimination and how any statement made by the juvenile can be used against the juvenile in court proceedings
  • Hear the charges in the petition and have an explanation of the proceedings

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