What about rights in child protective proceedings?

In abuse/neglect proceedings, the parent/guardian is entitled to:

  • A court appointed attorney if the parent/guardian wishes to be represented by legal counsel and cannot afford to pay
  • Be informed whether an attorney has been appointed to represent the child
  • Receive a copy of the petition
  • Deny or admit the allegations and offer an explanation
  • Be read the allegations in the petition
  • Receive written notice of any hearing 7 days before the trial or dispositional review
  • Receive written notice 14 days before any permanent custody or permanency planning hearing
  • Be notified of further hearings personally or through an attorney

If the child has been placed outside the child's home, the parent/guardian must be informed:

  • Of the agency's responsibility to develop an initial services plan
  • That the initial services plan must be prepared within 30 days of placement
  • That participation in an initial services plan is voluntary without a court order

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